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Life Begins After Retirement

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Considerations For Buying A Retirement Home

Retirement marks a significant milestone in anybody’s life. It offers the opportunity to start a whole new chapter filled with rest, relaxation, and enjoyment.

How To Age Gracefully

An optimistic spirit and a sense of purpose may matter more than good genes for living to 90 or 100. Integrative medicine focuses on the mind-body connection and a sense of purpose to promote total […]

How To Successfully Grow Food

Everyone around the world has felt the sting of rising grocery costs, especially those people that don’t have an income, such as retirees. One of the ways of mitigating this cost as much as possible […]

Best Exercising Tips For Senior Citizens

A common misconception is that after a certain age the human body is incapable of exercise. Not only is this notion not true, it is a potentially counterproductive misconception. Bodies of all ages are capable […]

How Much Is Enough To Retire On Comfortably?

Financial planners frequently recommend replacing about 80% of your pre-retirement income in order to sustain the same lifestyle after you retire. However, there are a couple of factors to think about and not all of […]

How To Keep Your Relationship Healthy as You Head Towards Retirement

If you’ve been in a relationship for a long time – whether you’re married or long-term partners – you’ll understand that it’s possible to lose focus after a while. Life becomes busy, people focus on […]

The Best Home Maintenance Skills To Learn Before Retirement

For a lot of people around the world that are entering retirement, the constant struggle to maintain a balance between saving and spending can be a bit overwhelming sometimes. It’s not such a big deal […]

How A Solar System Can Save Money

Many of those that enter retirement believe that it’s the big expenses that generally eat away at their savings over the long-term. And while there’s no doubt that the larger costs, such as having a […]

What Car Should You Buy Just Before You Retire?

Buying a vehicle ahead of retiring seems to be a common practice for most people. Pay for it while you are still earning a pay check and then you’ll have a reliable vehicle in the […]

Living A More Sustainable Lifestyle In Retirement

With more and more people growing concerned about our changing climate, deforestation, pollution, monoculture, and many other environment-related problems, there has been a massive push for more people around the world to live in a […]