Author: Drew Joseph

How To Choose The Perfect Retirement Home

As we come to the end of our working life, it might become too costly to continue looking after a large house, and so, many retirees tend to start looking for a retirement home where […]

What Is The Best Place To Live In After Retirement?

Retirement is a period of your life for you to enjoy what you love—whether that’s traveling, spending time with your family, or helping your community. If you would like to live out your retirement dream, […]

Gardening And Retirement

Taking up a long-term hobby is one of the most popular recommendations for those that are wondering what they are going to do with all their free time during their golden years. There are countless […]

How To Maintain A Healthy Diet On A Budget

One of the biggest expenses a person will face throughout their lives is the overall cost of food, especially as food prices continue to increase around the world. The daily grocery budget needs to be […]

How To Remain Hopeful For The Future

We live in a difficult time, with economic uncertainty, climate change, and a world that focuses more on capitalistic consumerism than ever before. Thanks in part to the internet, the average person is now more […]

Lifestyle changes that affect your mood

The concept of changing your way of life may seem stressful, however it doesn’t need to be. All it is is finding approaches to make easy adjustments that will ultimately boost your mood and emotions […]

The Most Common Unforseen Costs In Retirement

Retiring from the workforce means that there will no longer be a steady income available, which usually means that the retiree will need to rely on the savings that they’ve built up over a lifetime […]

Promote Flexibility With Pigeon Pose

Flexibility is something that plays an important part in facilitating movement and our range of movement. It is important to find ways of ensuring that our bodies remain limber and flexible as we age. Simple […]

How Should You Approach Retirement Planning?

Retirement planning is a multistep process which grows over time. In order to have a comfortable, secure — as well as fun — retirement, it is necessary for you to build the financial cushion which […]

How To Exercise With Rheumatoid Arthritis

When you’re in pain and are feeling fatigued, being physically active could very well be the last thing on your mind. However, research shows that exercise helps with relieving rheumatoid arthritis (RA) symptoms and improve […]