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How Much Is Enough To Retire On Comfortably?

Financial planners frequently recommend replacing about 80% of your pre-retirement income in order to sustain the same lifestyle after you retire. However, there are a couple of factors to think about and not all of […]

How A Solar System Can Save Money

Many of those that enter retirement believe that it’s the big expenses that generally eat away at their savings over the long-term. And while there’s no doubt that the larger costs, such as having a […]

What Car Should You Buy Just Before You Retire?

Buying a vehicle ahead of retiring seems to be a common practice for most people. Pay for it while you are still earning a pay check and then you’ll have a reliable vehicle in the […]

Saving Money With Home Upgrades

Maintaining a home for long periods of time is costly in both money and time. Having to fix issues every few months can start to take a toll on a retiree’s bank account, and many […]

The Most Common Unforseen Costs In Retirement

Retiring from the workforce means that there will no longer be a steady income available, which usually means that the retiree will need to rely on the savings that they’ve built up over a lifetime […]

How Should You Approach Retirement Planning?

Retirement planning is a multistep process which grows over time. In order to have a comfortable, secure — as well as fun — retirement, it is necessary for you to build the financial cushion which […]

Saving Money When The Economy Crashes

Recessions are a part of the economy; tied intrinsically with the constant rise and fall of the capitalist-based system that most of the world has adopted over the last century. And while it’s great to […]

The Best Methods Of Making Money Online

In most countries, reaching a certain age means that a person may no longer legally work at a company or corporation, but that doesn’t mean that same person has to stop earning money altogether. Thanks […]

The Best Savings Vehicles For Your Retirement

Picture this. You’re 23 and have just graduated from university. You came top of your class which made your parents extremely proud.  On top of this, you’ve been head-hunted by a top bank and they’ve […]

7 Top Tips for Saving Money in the Kitchen

Whether you are officially retired, looking to add savings to your retirement fund, or simply looking to scale down, you should start in the kitchen! There are so many ways for seniors to save time […]