Smart Ways To Boost Your Retirement Fund

Smart Ways To Boost Your Retirement Fund

When the time comes for you to retire, you may find that you are not looking forward to leaving the working world, either because you are worried about finances being tight, or because you simply enjoy the working life and the mental stimulation it offers.

Never fear, there are plenty of work opportunities for retirees, you just have to think out the box a bit and come up with something that will boost your income, but still suit your age and abilities.

Do Surveys

There are plenty of online survey sites that would welcome your opinion on products and services, and pay you for it too. You’ll have time on your hands to test out different things, so sign up with a few sites and see what’s in store. You’ll also probably get your hands on free samples too, so this has extra advantages!

Help Other Retirees

If you’re still fit as a fiddle and can drive, why not offer your services at a fee to other retirees who are not quite as capable? You can do their shopping or run errands for them, and be paid for the service. Plus, you can incorporate your own chores into your run around, so it’s a double score here too.

Be a Companion

A lot of older people lack companionship and are happy to pay someone to not only offer company, but to accompany them to plays, restaurants and theatres. Or to doctors or other medical appointments hen they are not well. It may sound like a bit of an old-fashioned occupation, but being a companion can pay well, and may also see you make a new friend!

Find Part Time Work

Often businesses are very happy to offer recently retired people in good health part time work as they come with years of experience and are not looking for full days wages. Working as a receptionist or as a bookkeeper part time is an excellent idea and will definitely keep your mind sharp.

Sell Crafts

If you knit beautifully or are handy with a needle and thread, why not sell your wares at a farmers or craft market? Artisanal, hand made product are highly sought after these days, and you could do well if you have a product that is appealing and easy to market. Plus, you get to enjoy your hobby and actually make money from it too!

Bakes and Cakes

Similarly, if you have a talent for baking, you can put it to good use. Birthday cakes ad cupcakes are often in demand by those who don’t have the time to bake them, but don’t want to rely on a store bought alternative. You could set up a tidy side-line and enjoy baking for profit too. You could also offer ready-made meals for those too busy to cook, and can sell them portioned out and ready to eat or to freeze for later use.