The World’s Best Retirement Countries

The World’s Best Retirement Countries

Entering the age of retirement can be financially draining affair that many find they’re not truly prepared for. One of the reasons behind this is the ever-increasing cost of living, and while there are certainly many pensioner discounts available, they’re often not enough to make any real difference.

Another choice for the retiree is to find a country that actively makes retirement a much more enjoyable affair by offering better services at a cheaper price for people over a certain age. For those wanting to find a region that will help support their golden years, these are the best countries to choose from.


There are few other countries that quite boast the same warm and inviting climate as Colombia, which be especially appearing to those that have grown sick of shovelling snow every winter. Colombia is one of the most bio diverse countries in the world, and boasts tropical jungles not far from the cities; along with a Caribbean coasts and crystal clear waters. A retirement visa for the country is also quite easy, and potential candidates only need to prove that they have at least $750 annual income from their Social Security and the government will grant a visa that can last up to three years.


Ecuador is a good choice for anyone looking for a wide array of places to live , as it hosts a diverse range of cities and climates. The coast provides warm weather throughout the year, while living near the Andes Mountain range means more temperate temperatures. And while the country’s many unique cultures attract thousands of tourists every year, what sets Ecuador apart for retirees is its low cost of living, with local produce being extremely cheap. There are also dozens of expat communities dotted around the country, making it the perfect place for those that are worried about settling into a new culture.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica, with its tropical climate, affordable healthcare, cheap real estate, and low cost of living could be considered a paradise in many ways. It has a stable democracy and its peace-loving culture means that are few acts of violence on a daily basis. The country is often considered the Switzerland of Central America, known for its neutrality, safety, and brilliant banking system. The local are also famous for being extremely inviting, and many have raved about how easy it was to settle into the country, making it the perfect environment to enjoy old age and to pursue hobbies, such as woodworking or playing online bingo. The government is progressive toward all walks of life, and making there are few places where making friends is easier.


Truly the ultimate retirement destination, Panama is famed for its treatment of pensioners, and thanks to its use of the US dollar, it’s a great place to settle down without first having to change currency or make foreign investments. Panama City is the place to be, and it’s possible to rent an ocean-view condo for as little as $1500 a month, a small ask compared to other destinations around the world.