What Car Should You Buy Just Before You Retire?

What Car Should You Buy Just Before You Retire?

Buying a vehicle ahead of retiring seems to be a common practice for most people. Pay for it while you are still earning a pay check and then you’ll have a reliable vehicle in the years to come. However but should you buy a new car before retirement?

What Do You Need To Take Into Consideration?


When you’re on a fixed income when you retire, no matter how much or how little this is, depreciation on a new car will tear into your hard-earned capital. So a late model used car will essentially put money into your retirement account as compared to a new one.

You get a factory-backed used car warranty if you buy from that brand’s franchised dealers. That’s the safest place to purchase a used car as the used stock is often better quality, frequently sold new by the dealer and serviced by them.


There’s a quite a good reason why you see so many old people driving Toyota Camrys. They’re the automotive counterpart of cash and fixed interest investments. The rewards aren’t spectacular however they’re dependable and risk-free.


Twenty first century safety systems are so complex that they can partly compensate for deteriorating reflexes, sight and mobility. In the millisecond that it takes to react in an emergency, today’s technology could be just that smaller fraction of a second quicker than you are to identify it and then  take action.

Automatic emergency braking, blind spot detection, collision warning, fatigue warning, rear cross traffic alert, lane departure warning as well as lane keeping are now available, frequently as a reasonably priced package.

A camera and rear proximity sensors, which are now standard on most new cars, make reversing and parking quite easy.

What Makes A Car One Of The Best Cars For Older Drivers?

When putting together this list, we have to consider what an older person would be searching for in their ideal car. With this in mind, we put together the most versatile cars we could. This meant looking for vehicles which were:

  • Spacious,
  • Easy to drive,
  • Efficient on fuel,
  • Comfortable, and
  • Reliable

Of course, not every person who retires is the same, so we’ve made sure that all bases are covered here. If you’re looking for a car to experience some overdue travelling or are wanting the best cars for seniors citizens with arthritis, there’ll be an ideal car for you below.

Dacia Duster

Do you want a substantial SUV that’s roomy enough for you and your grandchildren, but doesn’t take a huge portion out of your retirement fund? If you do then look no further than the Dacia Duster, which ticks all those boxes.

Audi TT

If you’re after something which looks great, packs a bit of a punch and is really fun to drive, a second-hand Audi TT might well be the retirement car for you. It may require that you spend some of your winnings from Australian online pokies, but it will be worth it.

Volvo xc90

There’s something delightfully understated about the XC90. If you would like to show the world a great car without feeling like a show off, then the Volvo’s luxury SUV is perfect.