Beauty Tips for Over 50’s

Beauty Tips for Over 50’s

As you age your skin and body changes, and you need to change with it. These beauty tips will help you look your best as you embrace your golden years.

Stop smoking

If you smoke, it’s never too late to stop. Smoking wreaks havoc on your skin and ages it dramatically. Not only does it lead to wrinkles, it also dries your skin out and causes premature ageing – not what you want at any age, let alone after 50 when your skins elasticity is weakening.

Stay out the sun

Again, a good tip at any age, but as you get older your skin gets thinner, and sunburn can be even more detrimental to your health and your looks. Freckles, age spots and wrinkles can all be caused by the sun, as can skin cancer. Always wear a decent SPF, even in winter, and avoid tanning beds too. If you want a sun kissed glow, rather opt for self-tan or a spray tan. Rather put the time you would have spent lying in the sun to good use, and play Roulette for real money.


If your skin is dry, moisturise! Remember that prevention is always better than cure, so rather keep your skin well moisturised at all times as it will stay nice and supple, than having to suddenly slather on the body lotion as you’re starting to see signs of dryness. If the air is drying your skin, invest in a dehumidifier to give yourself a helping hand.


Staying hydrated can help your skin look good and it helps your body repair cells too. If you get dehydrated it will show in your skin, and you may even become prone to outbreaks of adult acne.

Opt for anti-ageing products

There are some wonderful anti-ageing products on the market that are packed full of collagen producing peptides, and retinoid creams can also help reduce wrinkles and stop new ones forming. If you don’t have a skin care regime, now is the time to start one, and to invest in products that are age appropriate too.

Investigate skin treatments

There are plenty of anti-ageing skin treatments available, so do your research, speak to a beautician and see what would work for you. From microdermabrasion to soft laser and Botox, there are options to suit all skin types and budgets. You don’t have to have a full-face lift to see an improvement in the fine lines and elasticity of your skin!

Take care of your neck, chest and hands

Your neck, chest and hands are all areas that can show your age quickly. Look after these areas, slather on the sunscreen and moisturiser and make sure that you use the right products on them too. You’ll find plenty of beauty products specifically designed for these areas, and keeping them looking youthful.

Opt for permanent make up

Permanent make up can make you look a lot younger as it defines your face and adds colour. Eyeliner or lip colour are popular options, and are relatively cost effective too.