Best Apps for Keeping Track of Your Health

Best Apps for Keeping Track of Your Health

Your body is a complicated biological machine, and keeping it ticking is best thought of as a full time job. But this job can be made significantly easier and more manageable, if you take the right approach. We live in a world of lightning fast, extremely innovative technology, and not utilising it to aid your health would just be silly.

Even the most basic smartphone can make use of most health based apps. You need only download them, install them, and let them help guide you into a healthy future. These are a few that are available now, and highly recommended. Though, do keep in mind that not all are free. Though even those that cost money are highly affordable, and offer enormous benefits.

Symple Symptom Tracker

The first is one that everyone should have, regardless of age or current fitness level. Symple Symptom Tracker is an all-round health companion, keeping track of your sleep, diet, and exercise. Best of all it allows you to track any potential symptoms you feel, offering advice along the way. If you feel that the symptoms might be something that deserves further examination, you can use the app to inform your doctor, and help streamline the recovery process.

Symple Symptom Tracker is free to download, but does have in-app purchases for the more advanced features. For example, you find different features related gaming when you use your phone to search for top slots games for your mobile. Medication Guide

Another absolutely brilliant app, and essential for those who are on any sort of medication, Medication Guide is like a gift from the health Gods. It helps you quickly look up any drugs, explaining what those drugs do, and what side effects they have. It also even has special offers, depending on which pharmacy you buy your prescription at. If you don’t already have this app, and are on a prescription, get it now.

It is also free, but again with in-app purchases for more advanced and detailed features.

Sleep Cycle: Smart Alarm Clock

Sleeping well can be a challenge, though the value of proper sleep should never be underestimated. Sleep Cycle: Smart Alarm Clock could quickly become your favourite, given that it serves only to ensure that you enjoy better sleep. Its main feature, which is fully automated, tracks your sleep, and gently wakes you only at the appropriate time. You will sleep better, awake more refreshed, and get detailed statistics about your sleep patterns.

Once again; free with in-app purchases.


Another all-purpose app, perfect for getting an overall idea about your body, HealthTap is an excellent companion. There are around 2.6 million answers to questions, and over 700,000 topics that can be searched. The best feature, by far, is the ability to ask a question for free, and get an answer from a doctor within 24 hours. Alternatively, a payment can be made to get an immediate answer. This is the portable pocket doctor of the future we all dreamed about, available right now.