Top Tips For Maintaining Health in Retirement

Top Tips For Maintaining Health in Retirement

How to stay healthy in your retirement years

When we retire it seems that the golden age has begun, with no worries or stresses life should be all sunshine and roses.

But it is very easy to become unhealthy in your golden years, so see out below five tips for staying healthy in your retirement:

Watch your mental health

This is a great time to relax and explore who you are outside of the work environment but it can also be a lonely time as we no longer have many colleagues to socialise with. Make sure to keep in contact with your friends and family and visit them regularly as being alone and depressed can lead to mental health issues that can be detrimental.

Also try find hobbies or interests to keep you busy and physically and mentally agile, like tennis or gardening or finally learning how to play online slots NZ games.

Please make sure your retirement is well planned before hand as well, yes money is not the root of happiness but not having money to live comfortably when you retire can have a huge negative impact on your mental health. Planning out your retirement well in advance is very important to sustaining a comfortable way of life for the long years of your retirement.

Keep exercising

Retiring from your office job should not been you retire from the gym. Exercise is key whatever age you are, and to keep physically fit through your old age you should exercise regularly. Exercise not only can boost your moods but it helps prevent certain health issues but know your limits and do not over do it!

Eat Well

Keep a good diet that includes plenty of fresh foods is great for the brain and staving off old age related illnesses. Keep a healthy routine instead of an unhealthy one, watch all those empty calories and make sure to limit sugars and excess cholesterol in your diet.

Ensuring your retirement diet is healthy is also something to consider when budgeting for retirement as healthy food is often more expensive than junk food. So ensure you budget for those fresh foods to keep your body in shape.

Call the doctor

Go for your annual check up, or check out any health issues you may have as soon as symptoms appear. Spending a bit now on a doctor’s visit will save a lot later if you catch a disease early enough.

Making sure you have good insurance cover in your retirement is also essential, as you do not want an expensive illness to cost you your retirement savings

Reduce the Buzz

Sadly alcohol may be fun but it is a detriment to your health, so reduce your alcohol consumption. Drinking in moderation is fine, but as with most things in life too much is not good. Also make sure that alcohol is allowed with any new medications you may have started taking due to age related issues.

Please stop smoking, do not even do it in “moderation” it is bad, so stop please.