Preserving Memories

Preserving Memories

Preserving memories is an important part of life and as people get older it is important to keep these memories alive.  I am sure we have wanted to know about our grandparents and wish that we knew what their life was like.  It is important to keep all these memories alive and each of us has memories and things to share and writing them down or recording them is a wonderful way to share things with family and friends.

Everyone has something to share and being retired may mean having extra time to do this very important thing.  It is also a great way to look over one’s life and remember times we were happy and all the good (and bad) things in life.

How to Get Started?

Getting started is always the most difficult part and may seem a bit daunting, but just letting finding the best AFL betting odds, it takes time and patience.  The problem is, where to begin?  Trying to get every little detail down can be difficult so it is probably good to just write down memories and things that jump out.  Good questions to ask when starting out are what circumstances surrounded the event being written about.  Writing down how old you were or recounting how you felt.  Was anyone else around or involved such as friends or family.  Were there any lessons to be learnt and these lessons can then be shared.  Was it a happy or sad time.  These are just a few questions to help with getting started.  This is a good way to share wisdom with the younger members of the family.

A good tip here is to begin with a timeline.  Listing all of the things that have happened, even though they may seem unimportant.  A timeline will help with remembering events.  It may also be helpful to look at old photos and memorabilia and these will also help to trigger memories.

It is good try and describe things instead of just stating facts.  Try to appeal to the senses such as touch, sight, smell and hearing.  By appealing to the senses the reader will be able to more easily imagine and become part of the story and in that way feel more connected.  Many of us may feel that our lives are boring or not adventurous enough and may think that no one else would be interested.  Adventures may be exciting but every day happenings are just as interesting and important.  These things have made you who you are today and important to share, especially for your family and friends.

Including Photos and Memorabilia

Putting photos in are also a great way to tell the story.  Even though the reader will be able to imagine the story having photos and other mementos will add an extra level of connection.  It is always great for your friends and family to look back at your life.

Writing is not always for everyone so for some it may be easier to use a video camera or a voice recorder, but however the story is told the most important thing is to keep the memories alive.