Staying Fit After 60

Staying Fit After 60

Your body changes as you get older, and the things you found easy at 20 or 30 become so much harder. But there is a way to stay in shape- several in fact- and the benefits of keeping fit as you age are numerous.

If you want to keep active and fit, consider these activities:


A gentle stroll is never a bad thing, but a proper walk that gets your heart rate up and leaves you feeling a little bit exhilarated is even better. If you walk 20 minutes a day, or even ever 2 or so days you’ll feel a lot better generally, and you’ll become fitter too. Over time, you’ll notice that your leg muscles have toned up a bit too, and as muscle mass wastage happens as we age, this is a major plus.

Extra tip: Walk with weights in your hands to get an extra workout.


Swimming is a great way to get some exercise and for older people it has the benefit of being low impact. A few lengths in the pool a day or even a few times weekly will get you back in shape, and the fitter you become, the longer you’ll be able to swim for. You can also do exercises in the pool, and the weightlessness will ensure that there is no added pressure on your joints.

Extra tip: Look out for water aerobic classes that cater specifically for seniors.

Yoga or Pilates:

A lot of gyms and fitness centres offer different courses and classes (especially of Yoga as there are many different types practised), so keep an eye out for one that caters to your age group. Smaller classes are a great idea as you get individual attention, and if here are any creaks or cricks they can help you sort them out.

Extra tip: Book a few personal classes if you are shy or unsure at first.

Tai Chi

Like AFL betting, this martial art has become increasingly popular with older folk. It is easy on the joints and you can give it as much or as little effort as you desire. The moves are very dance-like so this will appeal to any one with a ballet or similar background, as well as any one fascinated with the use of Chi- or energy- in exercise.

Extra tip: Look for free Tai Chi classes held in parks and other public places.

Ballroom Dancing

Not only is this great exercise and wonderful for your posture, it is also a great way to meet people. Look for local classes or see if there are private tutors available, and once you’ve mastered the steps you may even consider entering competitions. There are also so many different dances and styles to learn that you’ll find you have plenty of option available.

Extra tip: If you are unsure if you’re keen on this activity book a trial class to get into the swing of things.