How To Choose the Best Retirement Community

How To Choose the Best Retirement Community

Tips on Choosing the Best Retirement Community

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best retirement community to live out your golden years and retirees will find that there are more available options than ever before. As such, it’s important that you aren’t hasty in your decision and consider every aspect of the community which may become your new home. Here are the most important factors to consider.

Background Information

Find out who owns and manages the community as well as a detailed track record of management. It’s important to ascertain whether the community is known for meeting high standards in services, procedures, and finances and a reliable retirement community will make all of this information readily available. Consider doing an online search for any negative incidents which have taken place in the community and if you’re concerned ask the staff for more information.

Future Health Requirements

While modern retirement communities provide a wide array of amenities and services to their residents, not all offer medical care which could mean having to move to a different community should your health requirements change. Consider a continuing care retirement community as this is the only type of retirement community which offers independent living, assisted living, and skilled medical care in a single facility.

Affordability and Fees Information

Unfortunately for many, expert retirement care doesn’t come cheap so it’s important to determine what you can afford. If you’ve sold your family home, you may consider purchasing a home within a retirement community as opposed to renting, but you will also be required to pay monthly fees for the various amenities and services offered – which could impact your budget for NZ betting. Get detailed information regarding what the fees do and do not include and how often the fees are increased.

Tour the Community

Arrange a visit to the retirement community to meet with the residents and staff, tour the community grounds, sample the food, and use the services and facilities. Pay special attention to whether the community is well maintained, clean, and secure and whether the staff are friendly and attentive. Talk to residents in order to get an insiders view into the community and see if they have any concerns.

Create a Services and Amenities Checklist

Ahead of visiting the various retirement communities you’re considering, be sure to create a checklist of services and amenities which you require to be comfortable and happy. When visiting the community, ask for a complete information packet which includes the application for admission, a full fees schedule, floor plans, and the contract all residents are required to sign. Compare each community’s pricing, paying special attention to the amenities and services which are important to you.

Recreational and Social Activities

It’s important that the retirement community you’ve chosen offers social, cultural, spiritual, and wellness activities, especially if you’re not able to travel easily. Enquire as to whether there is a community director who coordinates activities both within and outside the campus and find out if transportation is arranged.

Location and Waiting Lists

The ease with which are able to travel will change as you get older, so it’s important to move to a retirement community which is close to your friends, family, hospital, and shopping centre. Enquire as to whether there is a waiting list to move into the community and if so, how it operates.