Tips To Stay Hydrated

Tips To Stay Hydrated

Top Tips On Staying Hydrated

It’s difficult to believe, but nutritionists believe that most people in the Western world don’t consume enough water to keep their bodies in optimal condition. Chronic dehydration has been growing progressively worse over the last few years, and it’s in big part due to the massive range of soft drinks that are now available on the shelves.

But dehydration is a serious condition that can impact your body in a number of different ways. It’s especially vital if you’re the kind of person that likes to remain as active as possible, as the extra physical activity drains the body of fluids faster than anything else. If you’ve been feeling slightly under the weather and feel that maybe you might not be fully hydrated, use these tips to ensure that you are.

  1. Hydration-Boosting Nutrients

Where drinking as much water as you can is undoubtedly important, many don’t realise that water does not always help us stay hydrated. Part of the reason for this is that water simply provides the liquid that our bodies need in order to carry the more important salts that keep the body from becoming dehydrated. Taking rehydration formulas is a good idea for those especially hot days – most of these packs will come with the correct amount of sodium, chloride, potassium, calcium, and magnesium: the electrolytes that keep nerve and muscle function healthy. Add a rehydration formula to tea or a bottle of water that you can sip while watching TV or enjoy twiddling your fingers by playing online casino games in NZ.

  1. Check Urine

Urine is the best to tell how hydrated your body is, and should be checked frequently to grasp just how much more hydrated you need to be. Most healthy urine should be the colour of light lemonade, but much darker, yellow urine indicates that your hydration is low and it’s best to seek rehydration as soon as possible.

  1. Foods Are Also Important

About 20% of our daily fluid intake comes from food, which means that eating certain foods can have a direct affect on how well hydrated your body is. Foods that are naturally rich in minerals, carbohydrates, and water are good choices for the hotter days of the year. Some of these include lemon, strawberries, and tomato. On top of that, infusing water with fresh vegetables and fruit is a good way to make an ordinary bottle of water pack that much more hydration.

  1. Drink Water Before Bed

Drinking water before bed is something that most would rather try and avoid, as it can mean having to get out of bed sometime in the early hours of the morning to use the bathroom. But the average person sleeps for around 8 hours a day, which means that we’re going 8 hours without any fluid intake. A glass or two of water before bed can help keep you hydrated so you feel less groggy in the mornings.

  1. Avoid Soda

Soda is a tempting alternative to water, but it’s an especially dangerous beverage that can cause the body to believe its hydrated, even if it’s not.