Dating Ideas for Seniors

Dating Ideas for Seniors

If you’re single and in your golden years, there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t be dating! You are never too old to find love, and Mr – or Mrs – Right may be out there looking for exactly what you are.

But dating in your golden years may well be a little bit different to what you remember as a teen or young adult. You probably won’t want to hang around at the mall, spend the evening making out at the movies, or heading down to the local clubs. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t anything to do though, on the contrary, there is plenty!

Beach Walk

If you’re near the beach, what better option for a date than a long, leisurely walk at sunset? The beach is a wonderful place to spend time and get to know one another, and if you’re a morning person you can even go for a sunrise walk together too.

Botanical Gardens

Another great location for a date, you can wander through your local botanical gardens or park and chat up a storm. Alternatively, you can pack a picnic and sit amongst the trees.

The Theatre

The theatre is a great option, especially if you can find something that you both want to watch. Ballet, opera, musicals or any other shows offer wonderful entertainment and make the perfect sophisticated setting for a date. If you’d prefer not to go out at night, many theatres also have matinee performances.


If you share a common interest like playing at UK online bingo sites or have a passion for Bridge, Monopoly or any other game, then why not make this the focal point of your date? You can learn a lot about each other when playing games, and can relax and have fun too. Plus, if you do play Bingo, you may even walk away with a prize, and that’s always a plus.

Lunch or Dinner

This may seem the most obvious option, but if you do either why not see if you can find a very fancy restaurant that offers seniors rates. Often a reduced rate is offered to over 60’s on certain day, and you may as well cash in together.

Garden Centre

Many seniors love gardening, and a lot of garden centres or nurseries are big enough for you to spend several hours. You and your date can go and wander around, buy some new plants that you could plant together later on, and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea and cake if the garden centre has a restaurant.

Go On Tour

Whether it’s a tour of a museum, of a wine farm or of the city you live in, a tour is a great option for a date. You get to explore and learn together, and there will be plenty of conversation openers if you are shy. If a tour is not quite what you are after, why not pop in at an art gallery instead?