How To Make Friends After Retirement

How To Make Friends After Retirement

How To Make Friends After Retirement

When you’re in the working world making friends is quite easy. You can meet people at work and through work contacts, and your social circle is usually quite large. The same can be said for hen you are a parent, and are surrounded by other parents on an on going basis- whether at school events or while your kids are playing.

After you retire however you’ll find that the hubbub of social activity that surrounded you may have lessened and you may find yourself feeling lonely. These tips will help you make new friends and will stop you from feeling isolated too.

Join a Club

If you love gardening, want to play bridge, playing the online bingo for money has to offer; or any other similar activity it shouldn’t be hard to find a club that offers these activities. Sometimes these clubs are more formal or more casual, but they are usually hotbeds of social activity, and you have the advantage of already being interested in their subject matter.


There are plenty of organisations looking for volutes, and what better way to meet other people who are passionate about the same causes as you than by offering your services. You’ll often find that volunteers band together and become quite a tight knit circle, as you have plenty of common ground.

Start Your Own Knitting Circle

Or crochet, or bingo evenings… the possibilities are endless. Invite a friend and ask them to invite another friend and so on. This way you get to meet people without any pressure, as everyone invited will be actively involved in knitting, playing a game or whatever other activity you have decided upon. Something like a murder mystery dinner or also works well here, as does a potluck supper club.

Look Up Old Friends

With tools like Facebook it is so easy to reconnect with long lost friends. The chances are, if you have long forgotten friends of the same age you may well be in the same boat, and getting to know each other again now that you have plenty of time could be loads of fun.

Go Online

You could also join seniors clubs online, especially if you are looking for love! There are plenty of reputable senior dating sites, as well as those that simply connect members looking for companionship. You can meet people in a safe environment and then, if you so desire, take your friendship into the real world.