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Social Media Tips for Seniors

One of the major benefits of the social network era is that it brings the world closer together and allows you to stay connected even though physical distance keeps you apart. After you’ve retired, you […]

How To Stay Active After Retiring

Many people dream of that moment when they no longer have to work. Retiring often equals having time to do what you want. However, the reality often doesn’t live up to the dream. People get […]

Dating Ideas for Seniors

If you’re single and in your golden years, there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t be dating! You are never too old to find love, and Mr – or Mrs – Right may be […]

Worlds Best Retiree-Friendly Cruises

Being retired doesn’t mean that you have to slow down your pace or forsake all of the things you love. Better yet, many entertainment and travel sectors have dozens of options specifically tailored to the […]

Cheap Home DIY Tips

Home Maintenance Tips and Ideas Having your home maintained while you were working was easy enough, especially when it was as simple as finding the nearest home maintenance contractor who could do it all within […]

Car DIY Maintenance Tips

Car DIY Maintenance Tips As long as you need transport, you will need a car, but unfortunately they tend to require a large amount of expensive maintenance that can sometimes leave you feeling like it […]

Learning How To Tend Bonsai Trees

The Basics of The Bonsai Tree We’ve all come across the miniature trees a few times in our lives, whether it’s at the local nursery or at a friend’s house. Growing and maintaining bonsai trees […]

Volunteer Ideas for Retirees

Volunteer Ideas for Retirees So many people are still fit, healthy and active when they reach retirement age, and leaving the working world can be a real wrench. A number of clinical experts have found […]

Unusual Things to Do in Retirement

Unusual Things to Do in Retirement Many of us put off big plans and delay certain dreams until we’ve finished working and taking care of our families. Maybe this has meant that you have put […]

How To Make Friends After Retirement

How To Make Friends After Retirement When you’re in the working world making friends is quite easy. You can meet people at work and through work contacts, and your social circle is usually quite large. […]