Worlds Best Retiree-Friendly Cruises

Worlds Best Retiree-Friendly Cruises

Being retired doesn’t mean that you have to slow down your pace or forsake all of the things you love. Better yet, many entertainment and travel sectors have dozens of options specifically tailored to the needs of seniors, allowing you to live life at its fullest your own way!

If you’re passionate about cruises, you’ll be glad to know that there are numerous cruise lines around the world that offer specialized retirement cruises for seniors and retirees. Read on to find some of the planet’s best senior cruise options to consider for your next on-sea vacation…

#1: Symphony of the Seas

Royal Caribbean is renowned for its incredible cruise liners, and especially its Oasis class of ships. The Symphony of the Seas is the largest and newest ship in the fleet, and offers a fantastic retirement cruise experience for its senior passengers.

There is so much to do and see while on board, including Broadway-inspired shows, indoor pools, and restaurants that offer everything from luxury Italian cuisine to personalized food and wine pairings. The Symphony’s relaxed atmosphere will also be a paradise for senior guests, who can enjoy evening dances, wonderful meals, and adventure should they be keen for it!

#2: Princess Cruise Alaska

Alaska is certainly one of the most beautiful regions of the planet, so every senior should have a visit to the area on their to-do lists. By taking a Princess Cruise, you can explore the majestic Glacier Bay and all of its incredible wildlife, all while you enjoy the comfort of your state room.

Even wheelchair users will be able to access the Princess fleet with ease, and can enjoy the vessels’ numerous restaurants, spas, lounges, theaters, and sprawling open decks. The fleet’s elevators also have spacious 36 to 42 inch doorways, making wheelchair accessibility even easier, while special wheelchair seating is available in all Princess Cruise show lounges and public spaces.

#3: Silversea Transoceanic Cruises

This cruise line has long been hailed as the most inclusive, which of course makes it ideal for seniors as well. The Silversea offers an immense range of on board activities, including dancing lessons, cooking classes, and exciting shore excursions.

These ships are also more focussed on adult guests, and while they are smaller than Royal Caribbean or Princess liners, they still offer fantastic dining options, enrichment programs, 24/7 medical facilities, and free WiFi for your online bingo NZ games.

#4: Holland America Cuban Explorer

If you fancy a trip to Cuba in the near future, the Holland America Cuban Explorer offers a wonderful tour of Havana, Cienfuegos and other regions of the country for retirees.

The recently revamped ship pairs old-school glamour with modern facilities, including luxurious massaging shower heads and memory foam mattresses. This intimate but inclusive ship boasts plenty of lounges, dining rooms and state rooms too, not to mention top-notch service for the discerning cruise-goer.

#5: Viking River Longship Cruises

Viking River cruises go practically anywhere you can think of, from Austria to France and Egypt to Russia. The line’s ships are intimate but spacious, and are modelled after classic Scandinavian longboats to delight the history buffs out there.

You can also look forward to el fresco ocean dining, stunning state room views, a curated on-board library, guest lecturers, and specialized cooking classes as well.